The Birds

Birds of Play

(here seen at rest)

Birds of Play is a musical collaboration born from a mutual love of desert canyons, raging rivers, rocky mountaintops, and juice picnics.  After many years of gatherings that have revolved around adventuring by day and playing tunes around campfires by night, the time has come for the birds to leave the nest and share their music with the world


With a dynamic mix of sentimentality and playfulness, Birds of Play's original music will take you on a joyous journey filled with tales of love lost and found, ballads of wild places, and the radical idea that being happy for no reason at all is reason enough.

Add in a smattering of bird calls and crowd-inclusive banter and an evening with Birds of Play will surely leave you feeling all the feelings and wanting more.  


Influences include the Wood Brothers, Gregory Alan Isakov, Mandolin Orange, and so so many more.

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