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No Turning Back

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A tale of love found in the depths of the Grand Canyon.


I said yes with little more than your name
A step towards, also a walk away
But hope is a risk that I’m willing to take
That two rivers become one in the same

Floating forth into another great unknown
The maps of my past my only guides
Choked with fans from canyons flashing long ago
Yet the current flows and our star she shines

I’ve crawled into the mouth of thunder
Whispered Olo through my lips
Been pulled over, sideways and under
And given all of the Elves the slip
I’ve heard the echoes of ancients
And roared with lava aloud
Been shown the secrets of Unkar
And through tepid blue waters I’ve bound

But none of that matters now
Everything has shifted somehow

I came down for love
Oh I came down for you

I’ll kiss you till forever comes around
I’ll show you all the secret places I’ve found
Your smile’s quickly become my favorite sound
We’re on the river of love, there’s no turning back now