1. Gale and Doug

From the recording Murmurations Vol 1

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Gale and Doug

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A love story between the wind and a tree.


He’s standing waiting for her
It’s clear how he adores her
When she comes ‘round he’s caught in her sway
Gale won’t you blow his troubles away

She’s been off gathering speed
Since before he was a seed
Oh Douglas, Gale will always return
Both a delight and the reason you burn

Each free to be
All that they need
The breeze and a tree

His branches bent from her touch
Echoes of fondness and such
A testament to a love that will surely endure
His rings he offers rooted and pure

Her voice sends chills through his bones
Stirring in timbre and tone
When she sings Douglas shutters and shakes
A dance for the ages their music makes

Each free to be
All that they need
The breeze and a tree

Leaves and limbs respond to her voice
Tempest and timber together rejoice
They have known all along
Forever where they belong
Gale and Douglas won’t you sing your ancient song?