1. As She Sees It

From the recording Murmurations Volume 2

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As She Sees It

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It begins with a puddle of toad
The exact locale only Mr Woodhouse knows
A face off with a flamboyant cock
Left the two utterly unable to talk

For toads and roosters are ultimately ill-equipped
For unfamiliarity-based speechlessness

I think that European hare may be left-handed
It seems as though the other one must be too
Perhaps it’s in celebration of both the beauty and the joy
Or perhaps they’re just conveying poo poo

It’s not often that high fives thrown by
Left-handed European hares
Manage to make a mere mockery of you

The fox and the owl seem beat
As they discuss the menu of last night’s feast
One with an ascot and the other a lapel
That suggest they’re more than mere nocturnal beasts

Though quite efficient killers they’re humble to a T
They’ve come to terms with the fact that they too must eat

Where’d that crocodile come across a leisure suit?
Face to face with a California Quail to boot
With the end of the world so obviously near
That ghastly croc sheds a solitary tear

If a quail and a croc can console each other in the face of death
Then may that be a lesson to the rest