1. Peace

From the recording Birdsongs of the American West

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On a cold November evening
You had to say goodbye
To our love no longer needing
A good man by your side

You shook me like a freight train
On some old and weary tracks
Rolling down a mountain canyon
No way off, no way back

Now you’re gone
And I’m alone
And I must find peace in that

I know you’ve seen some hardship
Life’s thorns have drawn blood
You’re barely treading water
Once high ground now a flood

I don’t doubt you loved me dearly
Your lips ain’t the lying kind
One day you may see clearly
The love you left behind

For now you’re gone
And I’m alone
And I’m finding peace in that

I love you enough
To leave you alone
Take care, Aleja
I hope that you know

That my heart is still with you
As you find your way home
And if you should ever need me
I’ll be your shelter for the storm

You may be gone
But you’re not alone
I hope you find some peace in that